Moment Watches cherishes people as individuals. We are committed to creating a community where mutual encouragement, creative expression, and personal memories converge. Since the release of our products in November 2012, we have demonstrated our promise of caring for communities. We integrate our social vision in all we do, to provide an interactive platform through which everyone can submit their life stories and designs to Moment Watches. All of our watches, with unique stories behind them, aim to encourage people to live more fulfilling lives. Thus, we can say each and every watch by Moment Watches captures the spirit of a moment to care.

We nurture creative long-term partnerships with NGOs and non-profit organizations, marrying their inspiring experiences with our artistic and technical capabilities. Facebook and other social media platforms are leveraged to build up the community and encourage group participation.

MW has pledged to donate 30% of our proceeds to support projects related to orphans and poverty, giving hope and relief to the underprivileged.

To know more about our Care for Community program, please click here.